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The Most Reliable GPS Time Clock App


Wondering if your jobs are really covered? We’ve got all of your answers with our All-In-One Workforce Management System, which gives you visibility with live data throughout the day.


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Have Confidence
Are My Employees at the Job?

It's important to know that your employees are where they are supposed to be.  With Chronotek Pro, you'll have confidence that employees are actually at the jobsite, and not down the street....and if they leave the jobsite while on the clock, the system will automatically notify their supervisor so the problem can be corrected immediately.

Save money
Reduce Your Labor Costs

With accurate GPS time card data, you'll identify areas of inefficiency and make necessary adjustments to improve productivity and reduce labor expenses.  

Proven track record
Get Control of Your Business

For over two decades, countless field service companies have relied on Chronotek for precise time tracking, scheduling, communications, and payroll tasks.

Whether you're a small team of 5 or a large group of 500, Chronotek Pro  can help your business run more efficiently and profitably



Features of the Chronotek Pro GPS Time Clock App

The GPS time clock app provides customization & scalability options with mobile compatibility and geofencing capabilities. Chronotek Pro adds an extra layer of location verification with its exclusive TimeTiles™ feature, using NFC technology for more reliable employee location monitoring. Be certain that you will be notified of any GPS infractions that occur during each shift.

Accurate GPS Location Tracking

Create custom geofences for each location to know if workers are at the jobsite at clock in and clock out. Know immediately if someone leaves the jobsite and when they return.

GPS Required For Clock-In

Want more than just a notification if someone clocks in away from the jobsite? Custom settings allow you to prevent clock in and clock out until location services are properly set.

GPS Smart Tracks™

Know the daily story of employee activity while on the clock. Smart Tracks™ flags employee time cards with any GPS infractions, including the geo-track details of any stops made while on the clock.

TimeTiles™ & GPS

With NFC technology, TimeTiles™ ensure your employees are where they should be with a designated clock-in and clock-out point at the jobsite. Use along with GPS location tracking to get the ultimate tracking results.

Live Map With GPS

The Live Map on the admin site shows the GPS location of employees as they clock in and clock out across the country. It’s like looking at your business from a ten-thousand foot view.

Simple To Use

No username or passwords required! Users simply enter their 10-digit cell phone and enter an access code to log in. Registration is a breeze with just a few personal screens to get started.

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Employees Love to Clock In Using a Location-Based Time Clock App

Whether using schedules or not, the Chronotek Pro app is super easy for employees to clock in and out. Simply select the job and clock in. If schedules are assigned, the workday is crystal-clear so there's no confusion on daily expectations. If schedules aren’t used, no problem! The employee’s location determines which jobs are available in their area so there's no guesswork. 


See how it works
It's So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

We get it, a business with remote workers is different.  The tools that they use must be dependable and easy to use.

Rest assured that Chronotek Pro was designed with many special features that make it the easiest system to learn and use.

While you're here, check out the Virtual Tour of the Admin/Manager application and see how easy it is to get started.  Just enter some Employees and Jobs and you will be running in less than an hour.

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Pay Per Employee
Just $5 Per Employee + $14/month

For just $5 per employee and a $14 base fee per month, you gain the complete Chronotek Pro software solution, which comes with all these benefits and more:

  • Everything is IncludedGPS, schedules/alerts, mobile app, communication, workflow, job costing, payroll exports.

  • Manage With FreedomOwners, admins, and managers use the system at no additional cost.
  • No Contracts or ObligationsMonthly billing includes the total number of people clocking in and out. Only pay for what is used.

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