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Profit Tracking

More Than Job Costing, A True Profit Analysis Tool


Have true visibility into potential problems with labor costs, such as travel time or overtime, and gain financial control of your business.



Explore Profit Tracking Features

Custom Budgets | Profit Forecasting | Living Pay Rates | Live Labor Dollars


Key Feature
Custom Budgets

Set basic or detailed budgets based on profit goals for each job and customer. With Chronotek Pro’s easy-to-use planning tools you can track, edit, and rebuild budgets at anytime to stay on pace with profit expectations.






Key Feature
Profit Forecasting

Experiencing profit uncertainty? If you’re just using spreadsheets and analyzing past data, you won’t be able to account for future costs.

With Chronotek Pro, your profit is linked to your schedules, so you can account for target revenue, actual labor hours, true labor costs, pay rates, and more.


Key Feature
Variable Pay Rates

Don’t let changes in pay rates affect project profit viability. Whether wages change in the middle of a pay period or project, or are scheduled to go into effect at a later date, Chronotek’s profitability calculator factors in all your changing labor expenses.






Key Feature
Live Labor Dollars

Track all your labor costs in real-time with the Time dashboard. With fully-loaded costs, your company’s labor overhead reflects true, accurate numbers.

See your labor dollars broken down by person, job, and time period and easily compare it to your planned labor costs.

Profit tracking

Helping The Entire Team Win.

Accurate Budgets

Set budgets on your own terms and track labor costs within the app accordingly. With scheduling insights, you ensure you budget the right amount for your employees.

Live Updates

Know the up-to-the-minute status of labor costs for every project, person, and pay period. Track your payroll expenses with your budget to ensure projects stay profitable.

Flexible Forecasting

As variables on the job site change, so can your budget. Easily amend forecasting and update wages without causing unforeseen expenses.

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