How Can Chronotek Pro Help Your Business?

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New Accounts

How do I get started with Chronotek Pro?
Is it easy to get my account set up?
What should I expect during the 14-day trial?
Can I cancel at any time?

Employees & HR

Is the app easy for employees to use?
How do employees log into the app?
What if some of my employees don’t have a smartphone?
Can Supervisors use the app to manage their people from the field?
I need to track documents and certifications for my employees. Can the system help me?

GPS Tracking & TimeTiles™

How can I ensure my employees are at the jobsite when clocking in?
My employees worry that their location is being tracked all the time. Is this true?
What are TimeTiles™?
What is so special about TimeTiles™, and how do I get them?


Are schedules required for people to clock in?
What if I don't have a set time for people to work at a job?
What if some jobs need more flexible schedules?

Travel & Mileage

I learned that I am required to pay for travel time for people who work at multiple sites in a day. Can the system track this?
Does the system report mileage as well?
I don't need travel time to be captured for all employees, only a few.


How does the app help me to communicate with people in the field?
I have employees who speak Spanish. How can they read my messages if I send them in English?
How can I guarantee that employees will read the messages?

Reports & Payroll

I pay people different rates if they work at specific sites or on special projects. Can your system handle this?
I have employees and contractors who work for me. Can I override overtime calculation for the contractors?
My state requires different overtime rules outside of the normal 40 hours in a work week. Can I set additional rules?
I use a payroll service; do you offer exports for different companies? Is there a cost?

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