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Punctual Alerts & Profitable Projects


Schedule employees with any and all variables in mind, and gain complete oversight on all your labor hours.




Key Feature
Flexible Schedules

Whether your business schedules employees for specific days and times or you use any time and any day work scheduling, Chronotek Pro can accommodate your needs. With flexible schedules, the app tracks your employees’ time on your own terms.







Key Feature
Late & No-Show Alerts

Always know the status of job coverage with punctual alerts so you can alert supervisors in time to cover labor vacancies. With customized levels of alerts, you ensure the right manager gets notified depending if an employee is merely late or has missed work altogether.


Key Feature
Schedule Travel

By properly estimating travel time, you can avoid the accumulation of unneeded overtime. With Chronotek Pro, future travel time is automatically calculated, so there are no surprises come payroll. Scheduled travel time is visible to both employees and supervisors so workday plans are clear and accurate.






Key Feature
Assign By Pay & Position

Take a prudent approach to scheduling by assigning employees based on their pay and position. When you schedule with Chronotek Pro, you can make workday decisions based on employee competencies and pay rate, ensuring you have the right person at the jobsite without going over on budget.


Key Feature
Live Dashboard

Many employees; Various schedules; One view. With the Live Dashboard, you get up-to-the-minute details of job coverage and upcoming schedule details. With visual cues, the app detects and informs you where scheduling issues arise, and gives you all the information you need to keep your timekeeping budget on track.




Helping The Entire Team Win.

Easy Schedules

Schedule on your terms. The app makes it simple for both employees and managers to know work schedules and plan labor hours that remain within budget.

Budget & Insights

Know the status of every clock-in and clock-out and easily and efficiently make schedules that get the most out of your employees skills and your budget.

Crucial Alerts

Ensure project viability and profitability by enabling responsive management decisions that adapt to changes in labor availability.

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