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Manage Time Efficiency To Maximize Profitability.


Gain visibility of your entire workforce by tracking – not just timecards – but important profit variables such as travel, overtime, and excessive labor hours.




Key Feature
Time and Attendance

Have confidence that jobs are covered and employees are at the correct jobsite as workers easily clock in with or without schedules.

With Chronotek Pro as your operations assistant, you’ll be notified of any issues with employees and jobs with workflows that are automatically triggered to help you resolve issues.






Key Feature
Mobile App

Log in with only your phone number – no passwords required!

For employees on the job site, the app guides them through their workday and keeps them accountable. For supervisors, the app gives you management tools to monitor your workforce.

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Key Feature

Clock in with only a tap! With NFC technology, TimeTilesTM ensure your employees are where they should be with a designated clock-in point at the physical job site.

TimeTilesTM are small, non-powered physical tiles that wirelessly interact with the Chronotek Pro app.





Key Feature
GPS Reporting

Know if your employees leave and return to job sites with GPS tracking. Simply set the GPS requirements for clock-in and clock-out and be notified when location irregularities occur or the GPS gets disabled. Either way, you’ll be the first to know.

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Key Feature
Auto Travel Time & Mileage

Stay compliant and eliminate paperwork with travel time and mileage reporting. Chronotek Pro accurately estimates the time and mileage between job locations and informs you when the pre-set commuting thresholds have been exceeded. The best part? Tracking is automatic, so your employees don’t have to do a thing.






Key Feature
Live Dashboards

See up-to-the-minute details of daily operations and know when something starts to go wrong. Live dashboards show issues that have been automatically resolved from the field or issues that need immediate attention.

Preview your payroll dollars by switching to a live, loaded labor-cost view. Change schedules or workers in time to prevent overtime or excessive travel.


Helping The Entire Team Win.

Employee Accountability

Have confidence that employees are where they’re supposed to be. Track labor and behavior patterns to guide workers in best practices.

Complete Visibility

Know everything happening in your entire company, from employee labor hour and location to project profitability, and be alerted anytime there is a problem and resolve it quickly.

Improved Operations

Streamline your company operations and know the root cause of those time-wasting problems that cause unwanted noise and chaos.

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