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Introducing chronotek pro

Putting you back in control of your daily operations

Comparing Chronotek Classic And Chronotek Pro

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We Provide Solutions to the Daily Operational Challenges of Your Business
  • You’re not 100% certain that employees clock in from their job sites.
  • The right people are not seeing the communication they need.
  • You have no idea if one job is covering up the loss of three others.
  • Chronotek Pro provides answers to all of these problems and more.
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Side-by-side comparison

Chronotek Pro vs chronotek Classic

Chronotek Pro Chronotek Classic
Admin, Supervisor, Employee
Clock in and out
Location TimeTiles
Mobile App
Mobile Website - in browser
Dialer App
Travel & Breaks
Time and Miles - Google Maps
Auto Approve Travel Thresholds
Meal & Rest Break
GPS Location
Smart tracks
Require GPS Location
Left Job Notification - Customize
No-show alerts
Late Notification
Payroll Hour Processing
Calculate OT, Travel, PTO
Close and Lock Pay Period
Quickbooks API