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Hr & payroll

Efficient Tools to Help Admins Run a Smooth Operation


From employee management to payroll preparation, the HR and Payroll screens are designed to make the work as easy as possible.




Key Feature
Easy Payroll Prep

Make payroll day a breeze with Chronotek Pro. It accurately calculates time cards using appropriate pay codes for regular, overtime, and exempt hours, including PTO and contractor pay. Totaling hours based on pay rates, including differentials, it offers a complete payroll snapshot.

Pre-approve and lock time cards at the end of the pay period to streamline payroll and get highlighted alerts so admins can quickly fix any outstanding time card issues.






Key Feature
HR Database

Effortlessly centralize and update employee records. Use a simple wizard to hire, rehire, terminate, and manage leave using a simple wizard.

The HR Dashboard gives you a quick personnel overview, with tiles highlighting significant dates like hire dates and birthdays. Employees can update personal details, including profile pictures and emergency contacts, directly through the app.


Key Feature
Position & skills

Optimize workforce allocation by matching positions to skill levels. Filter out uncertified or untrained workers with positions, ensuring that only qualified individuals are scheduled for the job. Create a skills list for your workforce and manage it along with documentation and certification requirements to protect your business.






Key Feature
Pay Profiles

Customize pay rates for specific work with ease using Pay Profiles. Easily build mini databases with pay codes and additional pay rates for targeted jobs, then seamlessly transfer the data to your payroll services using matching pay codes. For exempt workers like contractors or salaried employees, create profiles that automatically exclude their hours from overtime calculations, keeping them separate in the payroll prep.


Key Feature
Documents & Certifications

Ensure accurate and compliant employee document records with onboarding workflows that require all the documents necessary for your work.

Store records that are relevant to employee job descriptions, such as certifications and driver’s licenses, and be alerted when it’s time for them to be renewed.






Key Feature
Payroll Batch/Exports

Effortlessly manage payroll preparation with Payroll Batches, which easily separates employees into different exports or reports, including exempt workers and salaried employees. This feature makes it simple to pay employees on different platforms or exclude them altogether.

Choose from various exports for payroll services like ADP, Paychex, Paycom, Paycor, and more. [More details coming soon about API integration].

HR & Payroll

Helping The Entire Team Win.

Employee Accountability

Know when and where your employees are at any given moment. Track work and behavior patterns to guide workers in best practices.

Complete Visibility

At a glance, see everything happening in your entire workforce. Break down data by shifts, roles, and projects for operational insights. Be alerted anytime there’s an irregularity and make corrections.

Proactive Reporting

Have all your payroll and HR information ready to export to accounting the moment a pay period ends. Spend more time empowering your workforce, and less time chasing down missing information.

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