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Converting Hours and Minutes to Decimals for Payroll on weekly timesheet

Convert Time Clock Hours and Minutes to Decimals

When you calculate payroll hours each week, do you convert Bob’s 28 hours and 10 minutes of worked time to decimal hour format? And then do the same conversions for 25 other employees? Your head hurts thinking about it because the decimal format is...

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construction worker out in the field

How GPS Time Tracking Apps Ensure Compliance with Labor Laws

Google can afford to pay a multimillion-dollar wage and hour lawsuit settlement. Can you? If not, your company needs a GPS time clock app for remote,...

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a lone mop and bucket with no employee who was absent

Employee Absence Tracker - Try This Free Excel Template

When your employee, Bob, was a no-show last Thursday, did you know it was his third no-show in five months? Life moves pretty fast, and these...

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Looking for a GPS time clock system

What to Look for In A GPS Time Clock System

Would you drive across town to save 10 cents a gallon on gas? Not me, but I recently paid 33 cents more a gallon than my wife, who bought gas across...

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GPS tracking breadcrumbs

GPS Breadcrumb Tracking Employees Is Messy

Have you walked into the kitchen after your teenage son made a PB&J sandwich? You'll likely find the countertop littered with breadcrumbs, as I did....

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GPS tracking and employee privacy

How To Track Employees With GPS The Right Way

We live in the Jetson age, and the possibilities with technology are endless. GPS technology is very popular and has practical applications for...

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Save Money With the Best Employee Time Clock App

You've built your business with your brain and by the sweat of your brow. You remember the days when it was you, the work, and your customers. Then...

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tiles that spell timesheet

What is a Time Card or Timesheet

Timesheets and time cards, often used interchangeably, are actually different. We can thank lawyers for timesheets who began using them in the early...

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weekly timesheet

Rounding Time Sheets using the 7-Minute Rule

Are you rounding your employees’ time sheets to make payroll easier, prevent early clock-ins, or even boost employee pay? It’s essential to...

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a happy commercial cleaning employee

5 Easy Ways to Solve Employee Attendance Problems

Employee attendance problems can wreck your small business dreams. Whatever your goals, they begin with getting and keeping happy customers. When...

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