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How Can Chronotek Pro Help Your Organization?


How Can Chronotek Pro Help Your Organization?

Managing remote workers can be challenging, especially when dealing with tight budgets. Every dollar must work as hard as you do. 

Human and social services organizations like yours have trusted Chronotek for over 25 years. It's essential that everyone shows up and is on-site when clocking in. Pro's GPS time-tracking system is just for you. By handling no-shows & GPS infractions in real-time and ensuring workers clock in at the job site, you will have time cards with no waste. 

Having answers before they become problems is how your mission stays on track. 

  • Know about no-shows & GPS infractions in real-time with live-streaming dashboards, activity feeds, and mobile alerts. You will never be surprised again.
  • Have eyes on everything all the time. Oversee operations from your desk or on the go with our comprehensive mobile app.
  • Can a spreadsheet predict overtime next week? Pro's live-streaming dashboards do, giving you time to reassign duties.

How Can Chronotek Pro Help Your Organization?


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Chronotek is fantastic; it ensures everything runs seamlessly!

Carmen O.
Paterson, NJ

I'm a huge fan of Chronotek - excellent features and customer service.

Laurie M.
Middleton, WI

It is a great way to keep track of employee hours. I am thrilled that I didn’t have to invest in equipment. And, payroll was so much quicker with everything right at my fingertips.

Redondo Beach, CA

Chronotek is exceptional, and it's a crucial time system for placing injured workers on Workers' comp.

Anne C.
Marietta, GA

Run Your Organization with Tools Made for You

Track your people from pre-hire with easy onboarding workflows to daily work with a GPS time clock app. Know about expiring documents and when staff members don't show up to your clients on time. You will see everything on live-streaming dashboards. 

Manage Your Staff in Real-Time


Manage Your Staff in Real-Time

Get a complete overview of your organization's workday with a live-streaming dashboard. See where every staff member is clocked in, get alerts if they leave, and know if they don't show up. Communication is also a breeze with everyone on one platform. Create Teams for different types of personnel to send messages & alerts to the right people.

  • Communication Hub
  • No-show alerts
  • GPS infraction alerts
  • Team Shifts

Handle issues in real time.

Ensure Everyone is On-Site with TimeTiles™ & GPS Tracking


Ensure Everyone is On-Site with TimeTiles™ & GPS Tracking

Do you worry about where your people really are while on the clock? It's time to consider TimeTiles™. Affix these small tiles at your work sites, and personnel must be close enough to tap them to clock in. TimeTiles™, along with GPS, are the perfect pair for tracking employees on the clock, with GPS alerting you when they leave the geofence.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Affix anywhere at your sites
  • Require TimeTiles™ for clock-in
  • No power needed

Tap into peace of mind with TimeTiles™

Effortlessly Manage HR and Payroll


Effortlessly Manage HR and Payroll

Manage HR & payroll like a Pro with a virtual assistant flagging issues 24/7/365. Store personnel documents and never miss an expiring certification, employment contract, or birthday. Preview payroll with total hours for every pay code. For ultimate ease, group salaried, hourly, and freelancers.

  • Time card issues flagged
  • Lock pay periods
  • Pay codes for projects
  • Payroll company exports

You're going to love your job again!

Manage Your Staff in Real-Time


Ensure Everyone is On-Site with TimeTiles™ & GPS Tracking


Effortlessly Manage HR and Payroll


Spend less time handling issues and more time helping people. Rest assured, we're always working on ways to keep you going strong!

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Ensures workers clock in at their job sites

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    Location Verification
  • Commuicatio-icon
  • Scheduling
  • Documents-icon
  • Payroll-Preparation-icon
    Payroll Prep
  • Reports-icon
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  • Travel-Breaks-icon
    Travel & Breaks
  • Job-Costing-icon
    Cost Management

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