Are You Trying to Download the Chronotek Mobile App?

Woman using Chronotek time clock app to track work hours

Many service-based businesses use Chronotek's GPS time clock app to capture accurate time for their remote employees. If you are one of these employees and need to download the app, you are in the right place. This article will explain where to find the mobile app, how to download it, and why you will love using it.

Let's start with why you will love it.

Top 3 Reasons Employees Love the Chronotek Mobile App

1 - The Chronotek Mobile App Ensures Your Hours Are Accurate

The Chronotek mobile app is very easy to use and captures your precise time when clocking in and clocking out. Then, the Chronotek system automatically calculates your total hours for the week or whatever your pay schedule is.

You no longer have to worry if your company's payroll admin correctly deciphers your handwritten timesheets or makes math mistakes when manually adding up your work hours.

Your hours and your paycheck will be right.

2 - You Can Track Your Hours with the Chronotek Mobile App

You don't have to carry around a sheet of paper with your work hours on it. What happens if you lose the handwritten timesheet? But your phone is always in your pocket, right? The Chronotek mobile app tracks your hours with daily totals. 

You can use the app to verify your hours when you get paid. The Chronotek mobile app provides transparency between you and your employer. That's a good thing.

3 - You Can Keep Up with Your Work Schedule on the Chronotek App

Your routine may not change much. You report to the same job location at the same time every day. But if your schedule changes week to week, the Chronotek app is a great way to keep up with it. Your schedules are visible on the app as soon as your company scheduler hits the save button. 

Now, let's address a concern you may have about downloading and using the Chronotek mobile app.

The Chronotek Mobile App Does NOT Track You Off the Clock

We understand your privacy concerns. After all, one of the GPS location settings is "Always allow." But rest assured, Chronotek is not always tracking your location, and we're not giving your employer the ability to do so. 

Chronotek can only track your location while you are on the clock. 

About Your Phone's GPS Location Settings

Our app developers tell us that your phone provides the most accurate GPS tracks when set to "Always allow." This is really to your advantage. The best possible GPS tracks while on the clock provide transparency and build trust between you and your employer. A solid history of being tracked at the job site can benefit you when it's time for your performance evaluations. 

Ready to download the Chronotek app?

How to Download and Install the Chronotek Mobile App

First things first. Chronotek has two platforms, Classic and Pro. You will need to know which platform your company uses to download the correct app.

Your login for Classic is your email address and a password that you create when downloading the app. Chronotek Pro uses your cell phone number and two-factor authentication as login credentials.

Downloading the Chronotek Classic App

When downloading the Chronotek Classic mobile app from your app store, you will look for the following logo. 

Chronotek-Classic-App-LogoBut to make it easy for you, here are the direct links to the Apple and Google Play stores for our Classic mobile app.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

Downloading the Chronotek Pro App


Here is the link to select your app store for the Pro mobile app.

Or you can scan this QR code:

QR Code Chronotek Pro mobile appThat's it! Please be sure to ask your supervisor or manager if you have questions about how to clock in. 



In conclusion, the Chronotek Mobile App offers remote employees of service-based businesses a user-friendly solution for precise time tracking and schedule management. With its focus on accuracy, convenience, and transparency, employees can trust in the app's reliability while maintaining control over their work hours. Addressing concerns about GPS tracking, Chronotek emphasizes its commitment to privacy and only tracks location during working hours. For those ready to streamline their time management, downloading the app is straightforward, with clear instructions provided for both Classic and Pro platforms. With Chronotek Mobile App in hand, employees can confidently navigate their workday, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.

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