How to Set Up an Employee Clock-In Clock-Out System

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Are You Looking for the Best Attendance Tracking System for Your Employees?

Using our employee time-tracking software, Chronotek Pro offers three easy ways to clock in and out. It’s simple for employees to use and connects seamlessly with our reporting tools, so you can always stay on top of your jobs and budget.

Do you want to ensure that your employees are always at the job site when clocking in?

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Here’s how to start tracking time in three easy steps with Chronotek Pro.

  1. Sign up for your 14-day free trial. With no contracts, setup fees, or obligations, our free trial is the perfect way to see how much of an impact Chronotek Pro can make on your business and budget.
  2. Set up employee accounts. Ensure each employee is signed up and connected to the system so that they can start clocking in and out smoothly.
  3. Start tracking! Now that your employees are ready to track their time, you can focus on running your business.

Choose the Best Clock-in and Clock-Out Options for Your Employees

Chronotek Pro offers three ways for your employees to track their time. Choose the most convenient option, and Pro will automatically track their time.

GPS Time Clock App 

The Chronotek Pro mobile app is designed to help employees easily maneuver throughout their workday. Employees can use the app to clock in and out quickly and view personal time cards and schedules to stay in touch with daily activities. They can also send and receive messages from management to guarantee that essential details are communicated. The GPS time clock app uses an internal, cloud-based timer for tracking time to prevent a drained mobile phone battery, and cell data usage is minimal.


TimeTiles™ are compact tiles that you affix at worksites. Employees scan them to clock in, ensuring everyone's presence. Together with GPS tracking, Pro alerts you when employees on the clock leave the geofence job site area.

Video of TimeTiles™ by Chronotek Pro 

Phone Call

Your employees can create time cards by calling the Chronotek Pro clock-in phone number from any phone. They simply enter their employee access code and a shift pin to clock in and out.  Upon calling the clock-in phone number, the first prompt is spoken in English, followed by Spanish. The remainder of the call is in the person's set language. Anyone can make a phone call to clock in. This is the no-excuse clock-in method.

View Live-Streaming Data To Control Labor Hours and Monitor Overtime

Know exactly where your budget sits with our live reporting tools. Chronotek Pro’s software lets you create and monitor job budgets and schedules in real-time. View total hours by day, week, and pay period. And the special sauce? See your job budgets forecasted into the future so you can make easy scheduling changes to stay on track. It's the best way to track and avoid future overtime.

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In conclusion, Chronotek Pro offers an efficient solution for tracking employee attendance with three easy clock-in options. From the GPS Time Clock App to TimeTiles™ and phone call clock-ins, our system ensures accurate time tracking. With live-streaming data and real-time reporting tools, managing labor hours and budgets has never been easier. Sign up for our 14-day free trial and streamline your attendance tracking today!

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