Beyond GPS Tracking Apps: How to Ensure Employees Are On the Job

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Managing a mobile workforce can be teeth-grinding, especially when keeping track of employees’ work hours and clock-in locations. Are they on the job site when they claim to be? Do they leave the area while on the clock? What if a simple solution could eliminate time theft, provide real-time location knowledge, and reduce labor costs? Enter time clock apps with GPS - the modern solution for tracking employee hours and ensuring they’re on the job. Chronotek Pro uses GPS location tracking but goes beyond this key feature to give maximum confidence your employees clock in and out at the job site.

Do you want to ensure that your employees are always at the job site when clocking in?

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Short Summary

  • GPS Time Clock Apps offer businesses improved accuracy, accountability, and cost savings.

  • Geolocation-based tracking provides real-time location knowledge to managers for maximum productivity.

  • Chronotek Pro adds an extra layer of location verification with its exclusive TimeTiles™ feature, using NFC technology for more reliable employee location monitoring.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

How GPS Time Clock Apps Work

GPS time clock apps, such as Chronotek Pro's GPS time tracking app, utilize the global positioning system (GPS) technology to track employee locations and work hours. GPS is a system of more than 30 satellites that orbit the Earth and send signals with their position and time. Your mobile phone is equipped with a GPS receiver that detects signals from multiple satellites and calculates its precise distance from at least four of them. Through a mathematical technique called trilateration, your phone determines its exact location on Earth. Your phone receives these signals and relays the GPS data to the applications installed on the device.

A man using a GPS time clock app on his mobile device showing GPS satellites in the sky

When an employee punches in or out using their mobile device, the GPS location tracking app records their exact location and timestamp, providing accurate data for payroll and project management purposes.

5 Benefits of GPS Time Clock Apps

A screenshot of a smartphone displaying a GPS time clock app, which allows employees to clock in and out with precision and accuracy using time clock apps with GPS technology.

GPS time-tracking apps offer many benefits for businesses looking to verify employees' locations and automate their employee time-tracking processes. These powerful tools harness satellite GPS technology to accurately confirm an employee’s location and work hours, all from the convenience of their mobile device. The result? No more time theft, increased accountability, and ultimately, reduced labor costs.

Many industries, such as construction, commercial cleaning, security guard, and all field service companies, often require employees to work at multiple job sites. GPS time clock apps are perfect for these situations, as they provide real-time location data and geolocation-based tracking, ensuring employees are at the correct job site when they clock in and out. Furthermore, these apps can drastically improve workforce efficiency by showing which employee is closest to the next job site.

1 - Eliminates Time Theft

Time theft is costly for businesses, affecting up to 75% of companies. Reports estimate companies lose $400 billion annually in unearned wages and lost productivity. Employees may “steal” company time by clocking in for a coworker, taking longer breaks, or padding their timesheets with unworked hours. GPS time clock apps combat this problem by accurately tracking employee hours and locations, making it nearly impossible for employees to falsify their time records. By implementing a time tracking process, such as using a GPS time clock, businesses can ensure accurate GPS time and prevent time theft while making it easier to track time.

By using GPS technology, these apps ensure employees clock in at the job site and are held accountable for their time spent on the job. This key feature not only helps to eliminate time theft but also fosters an environment of trust and transparency between employers and employees. By eliminating time theft, businesses can save on labor costs and better allocate resources towards growth and success.

2 - Provides Real-time Location Knowledge

Knowing where your employees are during their work hours is crucial for efficient management and ensuring they are on the job. GPS time-tracking apps provide real-time location knowledge, allowing managers to monitor employees' whereabouts and confirm they are at the job site when clocking in and out.

In addition to monitoring employee locations, these apps can provide valuable data on the following:

  • The time spent at each job site

  • Better project management

  • Resource allocation

  • Identifying areas for improvement in employee performance

Safety measures are another benefit of real-time location knowledge. For example, a school district recently had a tornado warning and called their commercial cleaning company for a list of who was working in the schools. The cleaning company didn't know because they used handwritten timesheets instead of a GPS time tracking system. The cleaning company now uses Chronotek Pro and is confident in knowing their employees’ locations for protection while working.

With access to real-time location data, managers can make informed decisions, optimize their workforce for maximum productivity, and preserve their employees' safety.

3 - Gives Geolocation-based Tracking

Geolocation-based tracking in GPS time clock apps offers an additional layer of accuracy regarding employee timekeeping and payroll processing. By capturing precise GPS location data through GPS location tracking, these apps ensure that every time card is accurate, minimizing the risk of payroll errors and discrepancies.

Geofencing is a notable feature of geolocation-based tracking, which allows employers to set boundaries for clocking in and out. This feature ensures that when employees clock in or out outside of the geofence, Chronotek Pro pushes a notification to the supervisors. Supervisors can immediately call the employee through the app, raising accountability levels with the workforce. These efforts further improve the accuracy of timekeeping and prevent time theft.

In summary, geolocation-based tracking provides businesses with the tools to maintain accurate records and ensure employees are where they should be.

4 - Solves Travel Pay Problems

One common issue businesses face with mobile workforces is accurately tracking and calculating travel time for payroll purposes. Mobile time-tracking solutions, such as GPS time-tracking apps, help address this problem by accurately recording employee travel time, ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for their time traveling between job sites.

By providing accurate data on employee travel time, a GPS time-tracking app helps businesses in the following ways:

  • Refine their travel expense policies

  • Better manage their travel budgets

  • Achieve cost savings

  • Use resources more efficiently

  • Reduce administrative time processing payroll
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations.

With GPS time clock apps, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of travel pay and ensure they accurately pay employees for their time on the road.

5 - Reduces Labor Costs

Labor costs are one of the most significant expenses for businesses, often accounting for up to 70% of total business costs. GPS time clock apps can help reduce these costs by providing accurate time tracking data, allowing businesses to identify areas of inefficiency, and making necessary adjustments to improve productivity and reduce labor expenses. Companies can further enhance their cost management strategies by implementing job costing methods alongside GPS time clock apps.

Elimination of time theft, more accurate timesheets, and better management of travel pay all contribute to reduced labor costs when using a GPS time-tracking app. By investing in these apps, businesses can not only save on labor costs but also allocate resources more effectively, ultimately leading to improved productivity and profitability.

Addressing Employee Privacy Concerns with GPS Tracking

A manager communicating with his employees in a team meeting

The good news is that most of your employees are happy to track their time and want to be as precise as possible. A GPS time-tracking app is an excellent resource for you and your employees to reach a common goal - accurate time cards.

However, addressing employee privacy concerns with GPS tracking is essential to implementing a GPS time clock app. This involves establishing clear policies and communicating with employees about how you’ll use their location data and the benefits of GPS tracking.

By being transparent and addressing employee concerns, businesses can foster a positive work environment and encourage employees to embrace the use of GPS time clock apps. Employees can also track their hours, eliminating their worries that you will make illegal changes to their time cards.

Establish Clear Policies

Establishing clear policies outlining when and how you’ll use GPS tracking is essential. This includes providing transparent written notice to employees, explaining the grounds for using GPS tracking, and ensuring data security. Chronotek Pro is serious about balancing the employer's need to know where their employees are while on the clock and the employee's right to privacy.

  • Chronotek Pro can't track an employee's GPS location without their permission which they give when downloading the app.

  • Our time tracking app doesn't get location tracking information when employees are off the clock.

  • Employees can disable location tracking when they are off the clock.

By crafting a comprehensive policy, businesses can alleviate employee concerns and create a foundation of trust and transparency.

It’s also important to ensure your GPS time-tracking app complies with relevant privacy regulations regarding tracking employees via GPS. This may involve seeking legal counsel or consulting with industry experts to ensure your app and policies align with applicable laws and guidelines. By following best practices and regulations, businesses can maintain a strong reputation and avoid potential legal issues related to employee privacy concerns.

Communicate with Employees

Communication is critical when addressing employee privacy concerns with GPS tracking. Employers should openly discuss the purpose of GPS tracking, the data that will be collected, and how it will be used. This includes highlighting the benefits of GPS tracking for both the company and the employee, such as improved productivity, accurate timekeeping, and better resource management.

In addition to discussing the benefits of GPS tracking, employers should also create a way for employees to voice questions and concerns. This can be done through group meetings, one-on-one conversations, or even anonymous feedback channels. By maintaining open lines of communication and addressing employee concerns, businesses can foster a positive work environment and encourage employees to embrace the use of GPS time clock apps.

But Can You Rely Solely on GPS Tracking?

A man using a GPS time clock app on his desktop computer to ensure whereabouts of employees

GPS employee time-tracking apps are generally reliable and accurate, providing businesses with the information they need to manage their workforce effectively. However, be aware of GPS factors that impact your confidence levels in knowing if your employees clock in at the job sites.

GPS location tracking technology is not a perfect science yielding perfect results 100% of the time. In fact, the US government broadcasts signals within a 2-meter radius at 95% accuracy. Phone settings, battery power, weather, environment, tall buildings, large bodies of water, and other apps on the phone can affect the quality of location tracks. A GPS time tracker is a great resource to manage mobile employees and promote employee accountability, but you'll need more than GPS features for greater control of your business.

Why Chronotek Pro Is the Best GPS Time Clock App for Mobile Employees

image of Chronotek Pro screens to show it's the Best Time Clock App for Mobile Employees

Chronotek Pro is more than an online time clock and a simple app with GPS capabilities. Tracking time is a basic essential, but the core purpose is restoring control to the management team. Deliberate and careful design went into giving management teams confidence that mobile employees clock ins occur at the job site.

How Does Chronotek Pro Ensure Employees Punch In at the Job Site?

  • Management can disable clock-ins from the mobile app if employees do not enable their location services.
  • Employees can't buddy punch because the mobile app requires unique logins with two-factor authentication.
  • Chronotek Pro's proprietary approach to location tracking conserves your employees' phone battery life by consuming little data and filtering out events you don't need to know. This approach ensures the mobile app always has power.
  • Custom geofences let you know if employees clock in or out away from the job site or leave the site while on the clock. Supervisors receive push notifications about these events and can call employees through the app when they happen.
  • Admins can view a live map showing all job site locations and employees clocked in away from the job sites.
  • Admins see issue tiles on the dashboard indicating employees were not located at the job when clocking in or out or left the job while on the clock.

issue tile indicating that employees clocking in with the mobile app were not GPS tracked at the job or left the job while on the clock. One of key GPS features of Chronotek Pro

Another major advantage of Chronotek Pro is that it ensures employees are on the job site when clocking in. This key feature deserves its own section. Just a few clicks (and a scan) give you complete confidence and control.

Using NFC TimeTiles™ to Ensure the Whereabouts of Employees

Employee using NFC technology on his GPS tracking app to clock in

In addition to Chronotek Pro's proprietary approach to GPS tracking, service businesses can use Chronotek Pro's exclusive TimeTiles™ for employee time tracking. TimeTiles™ are tamper-proof, weatherproof 2 ½” square Forex PVC tiles that you code to each job site location. TimeTiles™ uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to ensure employee whereabouts. NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that enables communication between two NFC-capable devices, such as mobile devices and TimeTiles™. You've used NFC technology if you have tapped your phone on the keypad to pay for groceries.

Your employees must be within a few inches of the TimeTiles™ to clock in. Beautiful, right?

It gets better. Chronotek Pro uses the TimeTiles™ NFC technology in conjunction with GPS tracking to provide an additional layer of accuracy and security in employee time tracking and job site verification. If an employee scans the TimeTiles™ to clock in and leaves the site while on the clock, our GPS features can notify you of the left job event.

By incorporating GPS tracking and NFC technology, businesses can obtain more precise location data and better manage their mobile workforce. This combination of technologies ensures that:

  • Employee time and location tracking is accurate and reliable

  • Businesses have the information they need to optimize productivity

  • Businesses can manage their workforce with confidence that employees are on the job site


In conclusion, GPS time clock apps offer businesses a powerful solution for accurate time tracking, improved accountability, and reduced labor costs. With real-time location knowledge provided by geolocation-based tracking, managers can ensure that employees are on the job site when they clock in and out, enhancing productivity and project management. A GPS time clock app effectively eliminates time theft by accurately tracking employee hours and locations, making it difficult for employees to falsify records.

By implementing clear policies and open communication, businesses can address employee privacy concerns and foster a positive work environment. While GPS tracking is reliable, incorporating additional technologies such as Chronotek Pro's NFC-enabled TimeTiles™ further enhances accuracy and security in employee time tracking. By embracing the power of GPS time clock apps, businesses can unlock increased productivity and success in managing their mobile workforce while regaining control of daily operations.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Time Clock Apps

top ten frequently asked questions about gps time clock & tracking apps

Q: What benefits do GPS time clock apps offer to businesses?

A: GPS time clock apps offer accurate time tracking, improved accountability, automated timecards, easy payroll prep, and reduced labor costs.

Q: How can managers ensure employees are on-site when they clock in and out?

A: Geolocation-based tracking provided by GPS time clock apps offers real-time location knowledge, allowing managers to verify employees' presence at the job site.

Q: What problems do GPS time clock apps solve concerning time theft?

A: GPS time clock apps accurately track employee hours and locations, making it difficult for employees to falsify records and eliminating time theft.

Q: How do GPS time clock apps address travel pay problems?

A: These apps accurately record and calculate travel time, ensuring employees' fair compensation and resolving travel pay issues.

Q: How can businesses address employee privacy concerns regarding GPS tracking?

A: Clear policies and open communication can be implemented to address employee privacy concerns and create a positive work environment.

Q: How can businesses enhance accuracy and security in employee time tracking?

A: Incorporating additional technologies like NFC alongside GPS tracking can further enhance accuracy and security in employee time tracking.

Q: What is the role of GPS time clock apps in increasing productivity?

A: GPS time clock apps enhance productivity and improve project management by accurately tracking time and locations and profit tracking.

Q: What advantages do businesses gain in managing a mobile workforce through GPS time clock apps?

A: GPS time clock apps increase businesses' efficiency in managing a mobile workforce and reduce administrative burdens.

Q: How do GPS time clock apps contribute to reducing labor costs?

A: These apps help eliminate unnecessary labor costs and optimize resource allocation by accurately tracking employee hours and locations and reducing time theft.

Q: How can businesses foster a positive work environment while using GPS time clock apps?

A: By establishing clear policies and open communication, businesses can address employee privacy concerns and maintain a positive work environment.

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In conclusion, implementing effective employee retention strategies is crucial for businesses to retain their most valuable assets and sustain long-term success. The top 10 strategies outlined in this guide provide a comprehensive framework for fostering employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. From offering competitive compensation and benefits packages to providing opportunities for professional growth and development, these strategies address key drivers of employee turnover. Additionally, creating a positive work culture, recognizing and rewarding employee contributions, and promoting work-life balance contribute to a supportive and fulfilling workplace environment. Moreover, fostering open communication, soliciting feedback, and addressing concerns promptly demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and empowerment. By prioritizing these employee retention strategies, businesses can reduce turnover rates, boost morale, and ultimately enhance productivity and profitability.

By embracing these solutions, you can simplify payroll processes, reduce administrative burdens, eliminate time theft, and minimize costly mistakes. Invest in an automated time clock system to save time and money while ensuring accurate and efficient payroll calculations. With the right tools and processes, you can focus on more strategic aspects of your business and watch your profits grow.

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