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You've built your business with your brain and by the sweat of your brow. You remember the days when it was you, the work, and your customers. Then word of your excellent work spread, and your customer base grew. Your job now mainly involves managing people - your employees and contractors. Oh, the simpler times! You need help, especially if you track work time with handwritten timesheets. Help is here, just a few clicks away - use the best employee time clock app to manage employee time. 

Do you want to ensure that your employees are always at the job site when clocking in?

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Your 5 Top Questions Answered By the Best Employee Time Clock App

1 - How do I prevent no-shows with an employee time card app?

When was the last time a customer called about their building not getting cleaned? You still feel the gut punch, right? Your cleaning business can prevent that call from happening again by creating schedules and getting alerts when an employee is a no-show. Get the shift covered in time and keep the confidence of your customers. You would expect nothing less from the best employee time clock app, right?

2 - How can I make my payroll process easier?

The hours it takes to process payroll with handwritten sheets are cut to a fraction by a 17-second event with an online time clock. Your employees clock in from their mobile devices with our GPS time clock app or call from your customer's building phone. Those few seconds on the clock-in and clock-out give you automated and accurate time cards you can see and access immediately. As a result, you don't have to scramble to collect handwritten timesheets at the end of the pay period to get employee hours and then convert hours and minutes to decimal format for your payroll company. 

Also, did you know that reading and typing mistakes can cost up to 8% of your annual gross payroll?

It's time to automate the payroll process and track time with the best time card app.

3 - How do I stop employees from buddy punching?

Your employee, John, has a date Friday night and asks his co-worker, Sue, to cover for him. In fact, John and Sue do this mutual time theft activity frequently. They submit their handwritten timesheets as usual, and you're none the wiser. Chronotek Pro's time clock app eliminates buddy punching in two ways: One, the time tracking app requires 2-factor authentication using the employee's cell phone number, and two, the Chronotek Pro time clock app has an exclusive biometric voice feature that verifies an employee's voice on clock in and out. Pro's time clock system will put an end to John and Sue's good time. 

4 - How do I know which jobs are making and losing money?

The 17-second clock-in gives you access to live information for job cost tracking. Think about your process now with handwritten timesheets.

    • Manually enter the employee hours in a spreadsheet

    • Re-sort the spreadsheet by job

    • Calculate the total hours by job

Rinse and repeat for 52 weeks. But you don't know the labor costs until after the fact. You need the right information right now to stay on budget with scheduling adjustments. But did you know that Chronotek Pro also forecasts your profits and losses into the future? 

Only the best employee timekeeper app can do that :)

5 - How do I know if my employee is really on the job site?

You risk losing money and clients if you can't answer this time theft question. Let GPS time tracking technology solve this location problem for you.

  • Chronotek Pro's unique approach to GPS location-tracking provides the critical information you need without draining your employees' phones or consuming much of their data. Were they at the job when they clocked in and out, did they leave the job site while on the clock, and did they disable location services? 

  • Chronotek Pro uses leading-edge clock-in technology in our exclusive TimeTiles™ to ensure employees are on the job site when clocking. Employees must be within an inch of the 2-inch square tile to scan their phones to clock in. There are other employee clock in apps on the market, but no one has TimeTiles™ except Chronotek Pro. 

You'll sleep better at night with the confidence that the best time clock app can answer this question.

Keep Your Dreams Alive With the Best Employee Time Clock App 

You've built a great business. Now, let the best employee time clock app answer your most important questions and take your business to the next level. Give it a shot for free!

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In conclusion, selecting the right employee time clock app is crucial for businesses aiming to streamline their workforce management processes and improve efficiency. By considering factors such as user-friendliness, features, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, businesses can find the best solution tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's tracking employee hours accurately, managing remote teams, or ensuring compliance with labor laws, the right time clock app can make a significant difference in simplifying administrative tasks and fostering a more productive work environment. Embracing time tracking technology in this aspect not only saves time and resources but also contributes to the overall success and growth of the business. Therefore, investing time and effort into researching and selecting the best employee time clock app is a decision that can yield long-term benefits for businesses of all sizes.

By embracing these solutions, you can simplify payroll processes, reduce administrative burdens, eliminate time theft, and minimize costly mistakes. Invest in an automated time clock system to save time and money while ensuring accurate and efficient payroll calculations. With the right tools and processes, you can focus on more strategic aspects of your business and watch your profits grow.


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