How to Use a Time Clock

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When tracking your employees' work hours, it can be easy to get lost in the influx of schedules, call-outs, timesheets, and payroll. Using a time clock, like Chronotek Pro, saves you time with an automated system that simplifies and streamlines employee management. Read on to learn how to use a time clock for your business.

Clock In and Clock Out

A time clock lets employees track when they start and stop working each day. There are a few types of time clocks. A traditional time clock involves inserting a card or sheet of paper into a system that stamps the date and time. Web-based time clocks use digital time tracking to record the hours worked. Biometric time clocks use employees' physical characteristics, like fingerprints, to identify them and digitally record the times they clock in and out. No matter which type of time clock your business uses, clocking in and out is essential and allows you and your employees to keep track of work time.

GPS Time Tracking

Chronotek Pro is a web-based time clock that uses GPS timestamps to track employee hours. This location tracking feature provides peace of mind, knowing your employees are located at the job site. When combined with supervisor notifications, a job will never go unstaffed again! The ultimate GPS time clock app ensures employees are at the job site when clocking in and informs you if they leave while on the clock. 

Travel Time Calculator

If your employees travel on the clock, having a time clock that automatically calculates travel time is necessary. Chronotek Pro fully integrates with Google Maps™ to calculate the most accurate mileage maps possible. This eliminates the hours of paperwork that come with paying employees for travel time.


Chronotek Pro offers a unique advantage over other time-tracking means: communication.  Pro has an easy-to-use centralized communication hub just one click away for admins, supervisors, and employees. With 35 languages automatically translated, it's a snap for everyone to stay in touch throughout the workday.  Admins are ensured that everyone reads their essential messages with a required-read option that can be delivered immediately or before employees start their next shift.


Chronotek Pro goes beyond simple scheduling and makes scheduling smart. Create schedules to track your job budgets into the future, seeing overtime and travel before it happens. Pro's smart scheduling ensures everyone clocks into the right job - every time. Of course, scheduling isn't complete without late and no-show alerts, which Pro has to ensure you never miss a job. 

Live-Streaming Dashboards

You will never get caught off-guard again with employee attendance issues. Chronotek Pro's live-streaming dashboards report problems as they happen, allowing you to deal with issues in real time. Did an employee leave the job site while still on the clock? You will never know with handwritten timesheets and most other timekeeping systems. But you will always know with Pro.

Time Card Reports

Time card reporting can become one of the most time-consuming parts of running a business. Pulling timesheets for and processing payroll is a time-sucker. Because Chronotek Pro automatically generates time cards, churning out reports for timesheets, payroll, and job costing only takes a few mouse clicks. But with Pro's live-streaming dashboards reporting up-to-the-minute hours and dollars by day, week, and pay period, you may never run a report again!


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In conclusion, managing employee work hours can be overwhelming with schedules, timesheets, and payroll. However, using a time clock like Chronotek Pro streamlines this process with automated features. From clocking in and out to GPS tracking, travel time calculation, communication, scheduling, and live-streaming dashboards, Chronotek Pro simplifies employee management. Start your free trial today and experience the efficiency it brings to your business operations!

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