5 Easy Ways to Solve Employee Attendance Problems

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Employee attendance problems can wreck your small business dreams. Whatever your goals, they begin with getting and keeping happy customers. When employees routinely call out or are no-shows, your dreams quickly become nightmares. This risk makes it essential to have a strategy to improve attendance-related issues.

Do you want to ensure that your employees are always at the job site when clocking in?

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How You Can Improve Employee Attendance Problems

#1: Try carrots instead of sticks

It's about company culture. Help your employees want to come to work. Create an environment in which your employees feel valued.  Words of praise are critical in workplace environments and in solving employee attendance problems. According to a Harvard Business Review study, the best-performing teams received almost six positive comments for every one negative.

In service-based businesses, inspections routinely highlight things employees could've done better. With this in mind, make it a priority to tell your employees the good things, too. Our remote employee time and attendance tracking system has great messaging tools for easy delivery of words of praise. 

#2: Hire strategically

One of our customers owns a cleaning business and only needs part-time cleaners for the night and early morning work. For this reason, he only hires workers who already have full-time jobs and need to pick up side work. These employees are trying to catch up on bills, pay for college tuition, save for a house, etc. - they are motivated to show up and are rarely attendance problems. He conducts thorough interviews to discover these motivations. His workers are more mature, stable, and reliable. As a result, in an industry with 200-400% turnover, this wise old sage doesn't have employee attendance and time theft problems.

#3: Track and Reward good behavior

We've mentioned praising your employees, but let's put more meat on the bone. Do you have employees who are always on time, never call out, do high-quality work, and never complain? Even better, are they always at the job site when clocking in?

And do you want to keep these employees?

By all means, find real ways to show your appreciation. Pay them as much as you can, and then some - spread out over time. For instance, a $100 Outback gift card is tax-deductible for you (and you often get a bonus for buying them).

This occasional treat is cheaper than a raise that you pay weekly. Tangible rewards are also less expensive than the costs of replacing hourly workers. Finally, design ways that encourage employees to hold each other accountable. For example, the whole team receives a benefit each month without a customer complaint. Of course, you'll need a way to track employee attendance and absences.

Handwritten time cards don't give you this insight.

#4: Start a referral program

If you hire wisely, you have a crew of good employees. As the saying goes, "Birds of a feather flock together." Reward your flock through an employee referral program for bringing you good candidates. Your good employees should have plenty of friends who want to work for a great company with a positive work environment. A referral program also gives your employees a sense of ownership in the company. Your team won't suggest folks who will add to your attendance problems.

#5: Trust, but verify Employee Attendance

You can do everything right and still have employees who don't show up. Your dreams can't be left to chance. We are your safety net. With our automated time clock and scheduling system, we'll send you no-show alerts in time to get your jobs covered. Our no-show report also helps you track who receives the carrots and who gets the sticks. 

Be The Best Option For Workers

Employee attendance problems will never go away 100%. It's a fact of life. But you can create a culture where people want to work - above all their other options. You can design a workplace focused on making your employees feel like VIPs through words and rewards - one in which employee attendance problems are the exception, not the rule. It's the best plan to keep your dreams of world domination alive.

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In conclusion, addressing employee attendance problems requires a proactive and multifaceted approach focused on understanding the root causes and implementing targeted solutions. By conducting thorough assessments of attendance patterns and identifying underlying issues such as lack of motivation, poor communication, or health-related concerns, businesses can tailor interventions to meet specific needs. Implementing strategies such as flexible work arrangements, providing incentives for good attendance, improving communication channels, and offering support for employee well-being can help mitigate attendance problems and foster a more engaged and productive workforce. Additionally, leveraging technology solutions such as attendance tracking software can streamline monitoring processes and provide valuable insights for proactive intervention. By prioritizing employee engagement, communication, and support, businesses can effectively solve attendance problems and create a positive work environment conducive to success.

By embracing these solutions, you can simplify payroll processes, reduce administrative burdens, eliminate time theft, and minimize costly mistakes. Invest in an automated time clock system to save time and money while ensuring accurate and efficient payroll calculations. With the right tools and processes, you can focus on more strategic aspects of your business and watch your profits grow.

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