Ultimate Time Tracking for Pool Management Companies

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Do you employ any of the 10,000+ lifeguards in the United States? If so, you know most pool management companies' biggest wave of profits occurs during the four-month stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Pool company owners work tirelessly to ensure their pool guests' safety while managing their remote workforce effectively. Efficient scheduling and time tracking for pool management companies are vital to protect their guests and profits.

Do you want to ensure that your lifeguards are always at the pools when clocking in?

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Top Takeaways

  • Efficiency is Key: Pool management companies need efficient scheduling and time-tracking systems to ensure guest safety and maximize profits during peak seasons.
  • Chronotek Pro's Comprehensive Solution: Chronotek Pro offers a complete suite of features tailored to pool management companies, including Smart Scheduling, TimeTiles™, GPS tracking, and a centralized Communication Hub.
  • Streamlined Operations and Increased Profitability: By leveraging Chronotek Pro, pool management companies can streamline operations, protect guests, and maximize profitability during the busiest months of the year.

Chronotek Pro Has the Best Time Tracking for Pool Management Companies

1 - Smart Scheduling Protects Your People and Profits

Chronotek Pro offers premier lifeguard scheduling software that eliminates paper schedules and prevents no-shows. Ensure that every shift is covered with real-time no-show alerts and handle issues as they happen. In addition to the alerts, Pro’s live-streaming dashboards flag attendance issues for managers and admins. 

By creating Team shifts, you’re guaranteed that any lifeguard or pool tech on the Team can clock into the correct pool sites. Pro’s scheduling also integrates with actual worked hours to show you future overtime. See overtime coming and make easy schedule adjustments to avoid it. 

That’s smart scheduling. 

2 - Clock-in TimeTiles™ Ensures Your Pool Staff Is Onsite

TimeTiles™ are small, location-coded, tamper-resistant tiles posted at your jobsite locations. Lifeguards and pool techs must be close enough when clocking in and out to tap their phones to a TimeTile™. Tracking time is as simple as paying for groceries. 

TimeTiles­™ protects your pool guests and prevents time theft attempts like buddy punching

*Lifeguards and pool techs can call to clock in from the pool’s landline phones. 

3 - GPS Tracking Alerts You If Staff Leaves While On the Clock

TimeTiles™ ensure everyone is at the pools when clocking in, but they could leave before their shift is over. How will you know? Pro’s GPS tracking feature alerts field supervisors in real-time when lifeguards and pool techs leave the pool site geofence while still on the clock.  

TimeTiles™ and Pro’s proprietary GPS tracking is the perfect pair to keep your pool guests safe and time cards accurate. 

4 - Easy Communication Tools Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

It’s time to ditch group texts, emails, and voicemails. You need messaging tools much easier than the swirl of Post-it notes and multiple platforms. You will love Chronotek Pro’s centralized communication hub for managing remote lifeguards and pool techs. 

Send required-read, one-way announcements auto-translated in 35 languages. Be sure everyone gets the right messages because Pro automatically gives employees access to Team board messages when they are added to Teams. Post messages to Job Boards specifically for each pool's lifeguards and pool techs. 

The Communication Hub is a click away for everyone on the mobile app or the admin website. 

5 - Simplified Payroll Prep and HR Duties

Chronotek Pro’s time tracking for pool management companies reports time card issues in real time on live-streaming dashboards. Payroll admins can fix time card issues as they happen instead of waiting on timesheets. 

You can store essential employee docs like driver’s licenses, training certifications, and work permits and get flagged when they are about to expire. If you want to use the Communication Hub to send birthday greetings, Pro also lets you know when the big day is approaching.

You will be the HeRo!

Time tracking for pool management companies is essential. Why not use an automated system like Chronotek Pro that reports and handles issues in real time while ensuring your lifeguards and pool techs are onsite when clocking in? Your pool guests and profits are worth it.

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In conclusion, effective time tracking for pool management companies is crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and guest safety, especially during the peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Chronotek Pro emerges as the ultimate solution, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the unique needs of pool management companies. With advanced functionalities like Smart Scheduling, TimeTiles™ for on-site presence verification, GPS tracking for real-time alerts, and a centralized Communication Hub, Chronotek Pro streamlines workforce management and simplifies payroll preparation and HR duties.

By harnessing the power of Chronotek Pro, pool management companies can optimize their operations, protect their guests, and maximize profitability during the busiest months of the year.

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