How the Best GPS Time Clock System for Security Guards Protects Profits

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You protect your customers with strict accountability standards, but does your security guard company safeguard itself? The enemy may be within your own gates. If so, it erodes and destroys the very thing that keeps your business viable to serve your customers - profits. What is the enemy? Lack of real-time employee management. This is certainly true if your company uses handwritten timesheets to track time and attendance. A GPS time clock system for security guards is your strongest defense. 

Do you want to ensure that your security guards are always at the job site when clocking in?

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Top Takeaways

  • Emphasize Real-Time Monitoring: It's crucial to monitor your security guards' work locations and times continuously. This approach prevents issues like time theft, ensuring employees are compensated accurately for their actual work hours.
  • Leverage Advanced Technology: Implementing modern technologies, especially a GPS time clock system like Chronotek Pro, is essential. This addresses the limitations of traditional paper timesheets by enhancing accuracy and fairness in tracking work hours.
  • Secure a Competitive Edge: Adopting innovative technologies such as Chronotek Pro can significantly differentiate your company from competitors. It streamlines operations, optimizes profitability, and positions your company as a leader in the evolving security industry.

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The Best Time Clock System for Security Guard Companies

The United States has over 1 million security guards protecting people and property.¹  Demand for peace of mind isn't slowing, as the security guard industry is expected to grow 15% by 2030.² To stay strong and competitive, you will need the edge Chronotek Pro provides. 

5 Ways Security Guard Companies Can Protect Profits

1 - Enforce Strict Timekeeping

employee clocking in with TimeTile

What happened to 7:05 am, 7:08 am, etc.?  Every handwritten timesheet is 7 am-4 pm every single day. It's amazing. What's crazy is the thousands of dollars of unworked, unearned time you pay. Time theft costs American businesses $400 billion each year. You defend your customers against theft, but what about the time theft in your own business?

Our GPS time clock system for security guards can help by ensuring you have perfect time cards. What makes a perfect time card?

  1. The clock-in and clock-out times are precise
  2. The job is correct
  3. Your guards are actually at the job site

Chronotek Pro checks all three boxes with TimeTiles™ and our exclusive GPS tracking features. TimeTiles™ are small, location-coded, tamper-resistant tiles posted at your guard stations. Security guards must be close enough when clocking in and out to tap their phones to a TimeTile™. It's impossible to clock into the wrong job, and tracking accurate time is as simple as paying for groceries.  

TimeTiles™ ensure your patrol officers are at their security posts when clocking in, but they could leave before their shift is over. How will you know? Pro’s GPS tracking feature alerts field supervisors in real-time when guards leave their post's geofence while still on the clock.  

TimeTiles™ and Pro’s proprietary GPS tracking delivers perfect time cards and is your best defense against time theft. Start saving money today. 

2 - Protect Your People and Profits with Smart Scheduling

scheduling system with no-show alerts

No-shows are no good. Trust is how you get and keep clients, probably more so in the security guard industry than any other. Your clients trust you with their lives, property, money, and their customers' lives. This trust is shaken when your guards don't show up. 

Chronotek Pro's scheduled no-show alerts safeguard this trust for you. Ensure that every shift is covered with real-time no-show alerts and handle issues as they happen. In addition to the supervisor push notifications, Pro’s live-streaming dashboards flag attendance issues for managers and admins. 

Pro's smart scheduling prevents no-shows and also protects your profits. Pro integrates scheduled and actual hours to predict future total hours, including overtime and travel. Pro forecasts future spending by knowing who is scheduled and their pay rates, showing when your budgets are going off-track. 

Another benefit of scheduling is the ability to assign shifts based on Teams. You may have "armed" and "unarmed" teams. Create shifts for each to ensure the right personnel are covering your jobs.

3 - Get Everyone On One Easy-to-Use Communication Platform

Communication hub

It’s time to kick group texts, emails, and voicemails to the curb. And light a match to your random mishmash of post-its notes. 86% of workers report poor communication as the main reason for company failures. Chronotek Pro shields you from this threat with a centralized Communication Hub, a click away for everyone on your team.

Every message is automatically translated into your officers' preferred languages. Post messages to the Team board just for your armed officers. Or send messages to officers who work a particular site on Job boards. 

There's no excuse for anyone missing a message.

4 - Simplify Payroll and HR Duties

HR dashboard

Did you know that reading and typing mistakes while processing payroll can cost up to 8% of your annual gross payroll? This shocking number can burn the nerve endings in your brain, but consider the steps of manually processing handwritten timesheets:

  1. Collect the timesheets
  2. Read and interpret the chicken scratch
  3. Clarify questions with employees or supervisors
  4. Enter the time in your payroll software

Every step is time-consuming and vulnerable to errors. Chronotek Pro's payroll and HR tools eliminate this time waste and threat. 

Pro’s GPS time clock system for security guards reports time card issues in real-time on live-streaming dashboards. Payroll admins can fix time card issues as they happen instead of waiting on timesheets. 

Another way Pro makes payroll prep easier is by ensuring everyone gets the correct pay rates. You can assign pay code overrides on shifts. Perhaps weekend guard duties get a pay bump of $3 per hour, or job sites that require armed guards have premium pay. When security guards clock into these shifts, Pro automatically creates time cards with these pay increases.  Payroll admins can skip manually pulling these premium hours out, saving time and eliminating errors.

Finally, you can store essential employee docs like driver’s licenses, concealed carry permits, and background checks and get flagged when they are about to expire. If you want to use the Communication Hub to send birthday greetings, Pro also lets you know when the big day is approaching.

5 - See the Future with Real-Time Predictive Job Costing

live job costing dashboard

What are your total labor costs this minute? Pro's live-streaming dashboards show up-to-the-minute labor costs by employee and job for the day, week, and pay period. And the labor dollars are loaded to include the employee's base rate + payroll taxes (7.65%) + workers' comp (?%) + benefits (?%). This is an unprecedented insight into your labor expenses.

But the real magic? By creating schedules and budgets, Pro shows you predicted future labor costs. You will see overtime and travel before it happens and be able to make easy schedule adjustments to keep your budgets in the black.  

People, Property, and Profits

Is your security guard company armed with the best defense to protect those things most important? Our GPS time clock system for security guards belongs in your arsenal.

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In conclusion, protecting your customers with rigorous accountability is essential, yet safeguarding your security guard company against internal inefficiencies, like time theft, is equally critical. The advent of a GPS time clock system, such as Chronotek Pro, marks a turning point for companies relying on outdated methods like handwritten timesheets. As the security industry grows, adopting this technology is not just an advantage—it's a necessity for enhancing operational efficiency and safeguarding profits.

Chronotek Pro offers a comprehensive solution with its innovative features like TimeTiles™ and GPS tracking, addressing the core needs of time management and employee oversight. For security guard companies looking to thrive in a competitive market, embracing such advancements ensures a robust defense against internal losses and positions them for success. In the face of industry evolution, adopting Chronotek Pro is a strategic move to protect your company's future, proving that the right technology is key to staying ahead.

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