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nursing students doing externship

Tracking Student Externships With Best In Class Software

“Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…?” We all remember that epic scene from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I doubt schools do roll call like that anymore, but colleges and trade schools need a method for tracking student externships.

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business owner burning a hundred dollar bill

Handwritten Timecards Are a Money Trap

The energy drink, Red Bull, is a money trap. $3 is cheap for a Monday morning kickstart. But you see a case for $35 at Costco. That's half-price! You...

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a happy manager

Survey Shows - A Time Clock App Will Save Money On Payroll

Don't you love Google reviews? They're real people giving honest opinions about the products and services you need. Online surveys accomplish this...

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people starting a new business

How to Start a Business You'll Love (Five Practical Points)

Was 2021 the year you set your dreams in motion to start a business? According to Google Trends, the world searched "how to start a business" more...

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Control Labor Costs and Win the Profit Game

You know that labor costs are the highest expense in your service business, accounting for up to 70% or more of the total labor costs. Or, if you're...

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cleaning employees washing windows

How To Stop Employees From Padding Time Cards

Are your hourly, remote employees math wizards? They may realize that padding time cards by a few unnoticeable minutes a day add up in the long run....

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Van vehicle driven by employee

Business Pitfall to Avoid: Not Paying Required Travel Time

Do you pay your employees to travel between work sites? Let's talk before the Department of Labor knocks on your door. The U.S. Department of Labor...

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online customer survey on smartphone

Boost Brand Loyalty: 9 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

How does Apple command a remarkable 90% customer retention rate, with iPhone owners 21 times less likely to switch brands than Samsung owners? You'll...

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Happy, engaged employees

Is a Company Referral Program for Employees Worth the Effort?

Is a company referral program for employees worth the effort? A few stats will answer this question with resounding clarity. Let's begin with the...

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happy janitorial employee

Top 10 Employee Retention Strategies to Keep Your MVPs Happy

In a world where the best workers are highly sought-after, keeping your ace employees is as crucial as attracting them in the first place. A small...

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