Why Track Employee Attendance

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Tracking employee attendance is one of the main pillars of running a successful business. But why is it so helpful? With Chronotek Pro's GPS time clock app and a few tips and tricks, you can be on the road to a better attendance tracking system.

Do you want to ensure that your employees are always at the job site when clocking in?

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Employee Absenteeism Is a Problem

One of the biggest hassles a business can face is employee absenteeism. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the absentee rate in 2023 to be 3.1%.  Unfortunately, companies often ignore this issue.

Employee Absences Is Expensive

The 3.1% absentee rate doesn't sound bad, does it? But let's translate the rate to dollars. According to a CDC report, employee absenteeism in the United States costs employers $225 billion annually, or $1685 per employee in lost productivity. That cost is for every employee on your payroll, including the ones who never call out. How many employees do you have? Multiply the total number by $1685. Employee absenteeism is indeed expensive. 

How to Combat Employee Absenteeism

There are some easy tips you can adopt within your company to fight against absenteeism. The point is to be proactive.

1 - Begin Basic Attendance Tracking

First, establish an updated attendance policy that all employees must follow. Then, tracking employee time and attendance is essential. A simple way to monitor attendance is with an absentee tracker spreadsheet. By acknowledging the absenteeism issue company-wide and taking these two basic steps, you inform your employees that they are being held to a higher standard. Accountability goes a long way.

2 - Offer Incentives for Good Attendance

It's easy to argue that you can't afford to pay your employees extra for showing up to work. The idea sounds like handing out sports participation trophies. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows you're spending almost $1700 a year on every employee and getting nothing in return. Can you spend one-third of that cost to encourage excellent attendance and increase productivity? Common incentives include an end-of-year or end-of-quarter bonus. Or buy restaurant gift cards in bulk at a 20% discount. Everyone loves a good meal out on the town, and who can afford it these days?

3 - Improve Company Morale

Did you know 75% of employees leave their jobs due to bad managers? It's easy to see that improving your management team can boost company morale and, in turn, decrease absenteeism rates. Another morale-boosting strategy is to recognize and appreciate your employees. A Harvard Business study found that the best teams in a company received 6x more positive comments than negative ones. A few kind words are a free way to tackle your absenteeism problem. 

The Best Way to Improve and Track Employee Attendance

industry-screensAn online time-tracking system is the most effective way to improve and track employee attendance. Our timekeeping customers report significant savings in administrative time and labor costs.  

Easy Clock-in and Communication

Offering an effortless system for employees to clock in and out, such as with the Chronotek Pro GPS time clock app, can reduce absenteeism. Employees clock in with ease and monitor their hours and schedules. They have easy communication channels to stay connected with their supervisors and teams, reporting issues and offering feedback. The communication hub is an ideal way for good managers to pass along words of praise that their employees need. 

Simplified HR Admin Duties

The Chronotek Pro employee time and attendance system also reduces an HR admin's daily burden of managing employees. Pro's live-streaming dashboards flag previously hidden issues admins can handle in real-time. Your admin will save a massive amount of time and can help discover more ways to improve employee attendance.

Valuable Employee Data Tracking

Chronotek Pro tracks essential employee information such as late arrivals, no-shows, and GPS infractions. The centralized employee profile has a notes section to record call-outs and attendance issues. Once buried in spreadsheets, memos, and filing cabinets, issues are easily accessible for performance evaluations. You will make better employment decisions with better data a click away, resulting in improved employee attendance.

The chaos of running a business can lead to many issues that need to be addressed. Implementing a system like Chronotek Pro will alleviate the stress of employee absenteeism in your company. Don’t let employee absenteeism quietly erode your bottom line. Be proactive with Chronotek Pro!

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In conclusion, the issue of employee absenteeism cannot be underestimated. While the absentee rate may seem low at 3.1%, the financial implications are staggering, costing employers billions annually in lost productivity. However, there are proactive steps that businesses can take to combat this problem.

Implementing a robust attendance tracking system, offering incentives for good attendance, and improving company morale through effective management are all strategies that can make a significant impact. Additionally, investing in modern tools like an online time-tracking system such as Chronotek Pro can streamline administrative tasks, provide valuable employee data tracking, and ultimately lead to improved attendance rates.

By addressing absenteeism head-on and implementing proactive measures, businesses can not only save costs but also foster a more productive and engaged workforce. Don't let employee absenteeism silently erode your company's bottom line - take action with solutions like Chronotek Pro to ensure a more efficient and successful operation.

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