What to Look for In A GPS Time Clock System

Looking for a GPS time clock system

Would you drive across town to save 10 cents a gallon on gas? Not me, but I recently paid 33 cents more a gallon than my wife, who bought gas across town. For someone who ignores gas prices, I got emotional.  And no one pumped my gas, washed my windows, or thanked me for paying too much. So, if you're looking for a GPS time clock system for your remote, hourly employees, please pay close attention to the value you're getting.

The Value of an Employee GPS Time Clock System

The critical factor in the price of a service or product is that you fully understand what you're getting, and the same is true when searching for GPS time clock systems. Or will you be like me, paying more for gas with nothing more to show for it? 

A reliable, accurate GPS time clock app can save your company time and money with accurate time cards. We heard it from our clients.  A 30-employee company pays just $164 per month. And no setup fees. Simple.

But what do you receive for this investment? How does it compare to the guys down Internet Boulevard? 

Do you want to ensure that your employees are always at the job site when clocking in?

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8 Ways Chronotek Pro Solves your Remote Employee Problems

The cost of Chronotek Pro includes solutions to eight of your biggest remote employee issues:

  1. Ensure all jobs are covered with scheduling and no-show alerts 
  2. Prevent the time-theft practice of buddy-punching with voice verification and 2-factor authentication.
  3. Maintain governmental compliance with automated travel time integrated with Google Maps™ 
  4. Pay employees different rates based on the work done with pay profiles 
  5. Communicate with your remote teams with employee messaging, team, and job boards
  6. Know months in advance if you will make money and see unplanned future overtime and travel pay
  7. Get notified when employees aren't GPS-located at the job site when clocking in/out and if they leave the site while on the clock
  8. Have confidence that employees are at the job site when clocking in with our exclusive clock-in technology  

Compare Apples to Apples When Shopping for A GPS Time Clock System

Are you just starting your search for an online timekeeping system?  Beware of companies charging more for similar features we offer.  Look closely and ask questions. Are you paying a flat fee per employee plus add-on charges for features? Some systems charge an additional dollar per employee for using their scheduling system and no-show alerts.  Or you may pay extra for job cost reporting. Suddenly, you're up to $8-10 or more per employee to access all the tools your growing business needs.

Other questions to consider:

These are all valid questions when searching for a GPS time clock system.

If you pay more for an online time clock system, ensure you get more in return. Do a little better than I do when paying attention to gas prices. Give us a shot for free for 14 days.

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In conclusion, the implementation of an online time clock system in 2019 signifies a progressive shift towards modernizing workforce management practices. By leveraging digital solutions, businesses can streamline time tracking processes, enhance accuracy, and improve overall efficiency. Online time clock systems offer features such as remote accessibility, real-time monitoring, and automated reporting, which are invaluable in today's dynamic work environments. Additionally, these systems facilitate seamless integration with payroll and HR software, further optimizing administrative tasks.

Embracing an online time clock system not only simplifies timekeeping but also empowers businesses to adapt to technological advancements, ultimately fostering a more productive and agile workforce in the digital age.

By embracing these solutions, you can simplify payroll processes, reduce administrative burdens, eliminate time theft, and minimize costly mistakes. Invest in an automated time clock system to save time and money while ensuring accurate and efficient payroll calculations. With the right tools and processes, you can focus on more strategic aspects of your business and watch your profits grow.

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